INSTRUCTION. Megaphone Duel By Pia Sommer

-2 performers
-2 megaphones
-1 text to repeat indeterminate times

The reading must be spontaneous and simultaneous. Say the following text walking from a common point and in an opposite direction to your duelist. It must be far enough away to stop listening to the steps. The first duelist who stops and enters silently, kills the action. You can walk as many hours as you wish, minutes, seconds. The text works like a bullet in motion. When you stop saying, you have to turn to the other duelist and shoot a silence with the megaphone.


Silence is born in the mouth of the megaphone and dies with the poem's shot. The marketing of silence is traveling from China, we are all duelists.
Megaphone Duel at TU ALLAN.OUTSIDE in Shelley Gardens Cardiff.
The performers for Megaphone Duel were Daniel-Wyn Jones & Umulkhayr Mohamed (Both Cardiff based artists). 
an invitation from: Rich & Dan-Wyn newCELF